Collection Matter

Collection Matter

When accounts remain unpaid and balances increase into the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, legal action to collect may be necessary. When the situation is complicated, consult with an experienced collections lawyer.

At W. Tyler Moore, PC, our Texas law practice focuses on timely results and cost-effective representation. We have helped business owners, individuals, and third parties collect money that is owed. Often clients are in the Houston area, but we have assisted others from all corners of Texas and stepped in to handle matters for national collection firms as well.

We will keep you in the loop over the course of the case and are available when you have questions or concerns. Please read what past clients have to say about how we handled their cases.

Results Through Civil Litigation

An unpaid account may arise when there is a dispute over a contract or claims that services were not up to expectations. Legal research may be required to address these ancillary legal issues within the collections process.

As a Texas board-certified specialist in civil trial law, our attorney can explain what might be required to take a matter to court. In many circumstances, a negotiated agreement may provide a faster resolution while maintaining more control over the outcome. Risks need to be carefully weighed before taking a matter to trial. For example, a ruling in your favor has little financial benefit if a defendant has filed for bankruptcy.

In an initial case evaluation, attorney W. Tyler Moore can explain the possible legal options after learning more about the circumstances. Please call our office at 713-492-0998 or send us an email to schedule a meeting.

Helping You Collect on Unpaid Accounts