Father's Rights

Fathers' Rights in Texas Family Law Cases

Despite what you may have heard anecdotally, both parents have a legal right to child custody and visitation in Texas. If a vengeful ex is controlling how much time you can spend with your child, take your case to court with assistance from our Houston family lawyer.

At W. Tyler Moore, PC, our attorney has more than 40 years of experience with family law matters, including child custody and fathers' rights cases. Attorney W. Tyler Moore is one of only 47 attorneys in Texas who has dual board certification in both family law and civil trial law, making our firm the ideal choice to contest parenting time disputes and help fathers regain precious time with their children.

Visitation and Child Custody Support For Fathers

There is a mistaken belief in Texas that courts favor mothers, which keeps many dads from seeking more visitation time with their children. Fathers often settle for limited visitation out of the erroneous belief that it is not worth it to fight in court. Texas grants fathers several important rights and duties under the law, including:

  • The right to physical custody of the child
  • The right to raise the child according to his religion
  • The right to provide residence for the child
  • The duty to raise and reasonably discipline the child
  • The duty to support the child's basic needs, e.g. food, shelter, and clothes
  • The right to make educational decisions for the child
  • The right to pay or receive child support

If you are paying child support but denied rights and duties by your former spouse or girlfriend, take your case to court. Our fathers' rights attorney fights hard on behalf of all clients, using trial experience to aggressively pursue a fair outcome for dads.

Attorney W. Tyler Moore knows when to push and when to advise clients to settle in situations where there is an equitable child custody offer on the table. If you are looking for an honest attorney who is a straight talker and who gives clients guidance and practical advice throughout legal proceedings, contact W. Tyler Moore, PC.

Contact our family law firm to talk about your situation, your options and how our attorney can help you gain custody and visitation rights. Contact us by email or call today: 713-492-0998.

Helping Fathers Understand Their Rights